Everybody wants to be a cat!



I am not sure how much I like Duchesse and her family. Somehow the clean-cut cat image doesn’t do much for me, I do not find it to be very convincing – too cute by half… Not sure if Disney himself would have portrayed them quite like this. (Aristocats was made after his death). But Thomas O’Malley and the Scatcat gang are absolutely unbelievable…

elm tea… the gypsies swear by it!

I was looking for an episode from Fawlty Towers which I was telling my sister about earlier today when I came across this. The funny bit starts around minute 8 and is actually just a few lines. But those few lines are worth almost the entire series.

FaceAge, a plugin for photoshop


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What this claims to do is to age a face. Not sure how it works, haven’t tried it out since there is no trial download available. Costs 39.95$, although currently they seem to be selling this at 29.95$. Could be nice, but who knows? Then again, not too expensive, if it does what it says it does.

The Proppian Fairytale Generator




Will generate a tale synopsis by using a list of functions based upon Vladimir Propp’s concept of narrative structure. The following was generated using the functions “unrecognized arrival”, “unfounded claims”, “transfiguaration” and “wedding”:

“When I returned home Mother was not there. Instead, there was a man leaning against our door, sipping guava juice through a straw. He told me the lady of the house had left to search for her son, and that he had taken residence. I looked down on him and winced. His feet stank of manure.

“This man,” he pointed at me, “this man killed our father. See the blood on his shirt Mother? See it? The smell is like one of our own.”

My mother’s embrace rendered the burns and boils on my skin pristine.

I was offered a place in the palace, but I could not accept. I wanted to be with the mountain; I felt it move under my skin as I knew part of me was in the mountain too.”